TV Dinners for Zombies

artist book with seven chapters/dinners
materials: acrylic and inkjet on paper, mylar

closed: 7 in.  x 10 in.  x 1 in.
open: 10 in.  x 7 in.  x 21 in.

TV Dinner for Zombies is a pop-up style artist book. Through interactive panels, this week of prepared meals reveals data on America’s love affair of eating while watching TV. Originally marketed as something as something that would save time and bring families together, the popularity of TV Dinners signaled the beginning of the demise of the family dinner and a variety of related physical and mental health issues.

Though no research scientifically links eating and watching TV to the behavior of zombies, this humorous book challenges readers to reflect on their own eating/watching habits and to form their own conclusions about one of the most revered American past-times.

Held in private collection, Atlanta, GA.

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