Sloughing Off (one-person room series)

size: 96″h x 36″w x 36″d
medium: mixed media – 36,000 yards unwaxed dental floss, cheesecloth, acrylic medium, straight pins, audio

Sloughing Off is a part of the one-person room series where all is not what it appears. It is as much about the body as it is about the space it defines. In a world where sight is the most revered human sense and image is king, this work challenges sight-centric perception of space and identity. It incorporates elements that affect the other senses with the intention of surprising the viewer into understanding space and identity in a new way. The materials are sticky, translucent and skin-like in a state of unraveling, suggesting the infinite passage of time. Motion-sensitive overlapping sounds created by the body respond to the movements of the viewer upon entry, rhythmically enveloping the them and creating a space in which to meditate on their personal discoveries.

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