Does It Matter Atom Smasher

sculpture and artist book
medium: acrylic and polyester thread

Closed: 8 in. x 6 in. x 2.5 in.
Open: 8 in. x 13 in. x 13 in.

How do we explain what we cannot see? Is the lack of or presence of evidence grounds for truth? And how does that translate to our non-material world? Scientists at CERN use the Large Hadron Collider to understand matter and anti-matter – a dark invisibleness, the existence of which is still up for debate. Does It Matter Atom Smasher—shaped similarly to the collider—uses light and the absence of it to address the complexity of these questions, revealing the relativity of perspective. What is evident in the light cannot be seen in the dark, and the inverse is true, begging the questions which is the real version? and does it really matter?

Included in Sights and Insights, Spruill Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2016; andVersions of Truth, Gallery 1740, Atlanta, GA, 2018.

In the collection of Messiah College Murray Library special collections.


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