TV Dinners

size: 65 in. x 78 in.
medium: acrylic on canvas

Large-scale TV Dinner paintings are an ode to nostalgia and cultural myth, where an icon stands in for so much more than food. Marketed to save women time and bring families together, the popularity of Swanson TV Dinners signaled the beginning of the demise of the family mealtime and a shift in social norms. Though families ate together physically, they were disconnected mentally – absorbed in television programming. It is not so much the food itself viewers recall as the experience of how their families gathered over an evening meal. At once heroic and humorous, these large-scale paintings challenge observers to reflect on their own eating/watching habits and to form their own conclusions about one of the most revered American icons.

Exhibited at the Rialto Center for the Arts, Atlanta, GA, 2017; and the Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia (MOCA GA), 2017.

Turkey and Fried Chicken held in private collections, Atlanta, GA.

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