I’m  a creative director and full-time artist. The form of my work follows function and as such, it includes painting, printmaking, drawing, graphic art, book art, sculpture, performance art and installation. I find inspiration in can openers, paper clips, Newton’s laws of motion, moon shine (no, not moonshine – although that’s an interesting thought), beautiful mistakes, and being told I can’t do something. Wind chimes make no sense to me but skydiving does. I subsist mostly on carrots and humus, crunchy bread-thingies and the occasional coconut popsicle – fuel for long runs and marathon art-making sessions. Great cappuccino and cantucci will do the trick, too. If I wasn’t making art, I’d be making donuts. Lemon-filled powder sugar to be exact.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged. Coconut popsicles, too.

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