My work concerns the relationship between place and identity and how each shapes the other and connects us to (or isolates us from) the rest of the world. Whether it is about finding a place, fleeing from it, remembering it, challenging it, or simply trying to understand it, we are shaped by the places we have been and leave behind residue of ourselves in each one.

Each place we inhabit is a lens through which we perceive a reality and—for some—an identity. A specific place is in constant flux, and in the recollection of place, memory is often distorted. Places also connect us with others who have had their own experiences in the same space.

The focus of my work is on the boundaries of space as well as the intrinsic properties of materials and their myriad associations to create experiences that evoke within viewers and participants the sense of a familiar place rather than a literal one. The work questions how those boundaries can be havens that make people feel free or unexpectedly paralyzed and in why the same place can be both to different people. It is about how a place feels, how it connects people, what memories it conjures, how those connections and memories influence identity and how those memories change over time. It evokes a disorientation that comes with the elusiveness of place, and is about trying to get to that place and understand it without mapping it out through any known system.

Much of my work is about chasing, defining and dismantling the idea of home as it relates to identity – how home can ground a person’s identity, suffocate it or send it spinning in endless circles of unsettledness. I draw upon my own mercurial memories of what felt like home at a given moment and develop work that selectively stimulates one or more senses to evoke memories and associations in others. I am driven by my own personal pursuit of home and in understanding how home —and places in general—affect one’s sense of self.


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